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04.09.2017 – Pedax enters a new era and changes Chairman of the Board

Following a successful turnaround over the last several years, Pedax enters a new phase of profitable growth.

During the past years, Pedax has focused on establishing a new platform for growth through investments into sales, aftermarket and product development.

Pedax now experiences attractive market conditions in Germany as well as in international markets. To support the market expansion, the owners of Pedax has pr. October 1st appointed Dr. Gerhard Huber as new Chairman of the board of directors to support management in exploiting the potential. Dr. Gerhard Huber is replacing Mr. Preben Tolstrup.

Pedax would like to thank Mr. Preben Tolstrup for his successful efforts and participation in the turnaround of Pedax since 2013 up until today. In 2013, Mr. Preben Tolstrup took over the position as chairman.
Together with a new management team -  Mr. Jan Dall Christensen and Mr. Per Meincke - the team has focused on securing the build-up of operational excellence, improving product quality, improving service offerings as well as strengthening the sales force and product development.
These significant efforts have now left the company in a strong operational and financial position to take on the new growth path decided on by the owners.

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