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MBK and Pedax work together

MBK Maschinenbau GmbH, with its registered office in Kisslegg, and Pedax GmbH in Bitburg will be closely cooperating in future and will jointly make use of resources in sales and development. The two product ranges ideally complement one another.

MBK was founded in 1961 and is today a family company managed by Albert and Mario Pfender. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of welding systems, MBK has excellent contacts and a convincing range of machines and systems, which prove their performance capacity day by day, for example in the production of concrete pipes. In future, MBK will offer machines for the production of reinforcing steel meshes in close cooperation with Pedax. With the new mesh welding plant, MBK addresses manufacturers of precast elements, where an own mesh welding plant was formerly not profitable. The technical equipment and price of the new machine are interesting for this group of customers.

Pedax GmbH, with its headquarters in Bitburg, continues the long Peddinghaus tradition since 1997. Pedax offers a complete and modular system of machines and equipment for reinforcing steel processing. The company has strong brands and operates on a worldwide basis. Apart from machines and equipment for bending and cutting reinforcing steel, the company also has powerful automatic machines for reinforcing steel processing from the coil. These include automatic stirrup bending machines, straightening machines and systems for almost all tasks arising in reinforcing steel processing.

Since October 2012 the new managing directors, Horst Wolfgang Schöttner and Torsten Mayer, are responsible for Pedax GmbH and its strategic orientation. The considerably increased Pedax development department has been recently involved in new concepts and particularly in the further development of straightening technology for customised solutions.

Both companies, MBK and Pedax, maintain a lively exchange of ideas in the development of viable new products, both wish to jointly expand and exploit the sales networks and service resources, in order to better reach and advise customers all over the world.

The new partnership will be started and announced at the Bauma 2013 in Munich.

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