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Simplex H/HV - rebar shearing machine

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Entlarge image and display description
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The internationally well-known Simplex rebar shearing machines have been built and sold succesfully since 1925. These modern production units are of extremely robust design, easy to operate and almost indestructible.

PEDAX has a decade-long tradition of providing Simplex shearing machines in different performance classes.

The Simplex is ideal as part of a mobile or a stationary shearline.

Simplex shearing machines sizes 45 H and 60 H are available in either horizontal or vertical design as HV types.

Simplex 45 H/HV and 60 H/HV:
  • With a 5-year long-term guarantee from now on.
  • High performance.
  • Protected against overloading by hydraulic drive system.
  • Cutting strokes initiated can be interrupted at any stage - safety aspect.
  • Split rollers for easy material feed.
  • The steel frame is constructed from one piece of steel.
  • Wheels and footswitch control.
  • Extremely maintenance-free.
  • High quality blades.
  • Automatic counter-holder.
  • Other working heights.
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