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Shearline 90,120,150,300 - stationary shearing line

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The Shearline 90, 120, 150 and 300 are stationary shearing lines for reinforcing steel in bars.
The modular PEDAX system makes it possible to create just the right concept in line with the required output and tailored to available floor space.

A modern shearline comprises of: material storage racks, a in-feed conveyor, an hydraulic shear, a measuring track, with a mobile length stop with pneumatic raising facility, and material collecting pockets.

The Shearline models 90-120-150 all have the identical basic concept and can be chosen with 3 different Simplex shears with cutting width of either 90, 120 or 150 mm. The material in-feed conveyor and the measuring track are adapted to the particular cutting width required.

The high-performance Shearline 300 is performed by using the Simplex RS 300, offering a cutting width of 300 mm. All other components are designed accordingly.

  • Modular design shearlines for individual concepts.
  • Robust design, high output, easy to operate.
  • High-performance, field proven hydraulic Simplex shearing machines.
  • Precision cut lengths using automatic length stops.
  • Modern controls with touch screen for easy data input and selection of five different lenghts.
  • Only one-man operation.
  • PC-control of data transfer from main production systems.

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