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Autender M/ M+ - automatic material feeder

Entlarge image and display description
Entlarge image and display description

Cador and Cadormatic shearlines can be supplied with material automatically and in unmanned operation with the Autender M/ M+ logistics system.

The Autender moves above a stationary material store: by means of a magnet it lifts the bars out of the material compartment, counts off the required quantity and places the counted bars onto the infeed conveyor of the connected shearline.

In comparison with the basic Autender M version, the Autender M+ is equipped with an additional store loading device, consisting of a preparation station and a gripping system.

Since the Autender M/M+ has a modular structure, it can be adapted optimally to suit the user's requirements and the available space.

Benefits of automatic material feeding:

  • reduced personnel requirement on the shearing line
  • higher production (better utilisation of the shearing line capacity)
  • non-contact and thus wear-free counting
  • fewer counting errors – and thus higher delivery accuracy
  • fewer shoulder injuries and thus fewer health-related personnel absences
  • flexibility in the mode of operation – from manual to fully automatic

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