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Twinmaster 20 - servo-driven double-bender

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The Twinmaster 20 is an automatic twin-strand production line with a high output of wire diameters from 10 mm up to 20 mm. This production line with its modern and powerful system is processing both single strand coil of up to 20 mm diameter and double strand of up to 16 mm.

This production line is designed with a very robust frame construction and is one of the heavyweights on the market.

Twinmaster 20 is equipped with servo-technology in all functions. Results are maximum performance, energy efficiency, low-noise production and low maintenance costs.

This double bender has two bending heads equipped with 2 clamps, which holds the wire in a secure position during the bending process. As standard a powerful pre-straightening mechanism is installed to ensure that even reinforcing steel with a diameter of 20 mm is fed safely.

The machine is as standard equipped with a wire change magazine.

In front of the powerful cutter is an extracting feeding unit (XFU) installed which enables easy removal of wire ends.

To prevent twisting of the wire and guarantee outstanding straightening performance for the output a new wave-straightening technique is installed.

PEDAX has developed new heavy duty reels, suitable for handling 5 tons coils in weight.

The Twinmaster 20 is supplied with bending mandrels, designed for 7 x Diameter in conformance with standards. Double bends of up to 1200 mm leg height are possible. The line is equipped with either a 6, 9 or 12 m long reception bench. An automatic collector tray is placed alongside the lower machine frame to receive the shapes when they fall down from the machine and secure an easy and controlled placement of the shapes into the trolley. As standard a extended working surface is available.

The wire guide system as well as the bending heads are designed very compact and when double bending is being processed the first bend is taking place in the 2'nd bending head after cutting, bending head 1 takes over, and carries out the bends in the other end of the bar. The new unique deflector plate ensures a complete flat surface and a quick change of bending tools.

Twinmaster 20:
  • Servo technique provides the highest bending and feeding speed
  • Easy operation, only one operator
  • "Logic-Soft" software
  • Joysticks for easy adjustment of the wires by means of the automatic straightening units
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Unique deflector plate
  • Low noise level
  • Anti-twist straightening system
  • XFU (extracting feeding unit)
  • Wire guide system
  • A/C
  • Central lubrication system
  • Low-maintenance
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